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LEXX 1.0 I worship his shadow - 14 years later, i still worship... what about you?

Every time i watch 1st LEXX movie i feel goosebumps on my skin, because it is SO EPIC, even better than Star Wars, Star Trek and any other space adventure Sci-fi show!

Watch 1st full episode [english].
Embedded video broken for some reason in LJ, just use this link for external player:

LEXX 1.0 - I worship His Shadow
LEXX 1.0 - I worship His Shadow

If you want more, go buy LEXX on DVD, buy 10 copies, or even 100 if you can! Some profit of DVD sales, could help current owner of IP to make decision to REVIVE LEXX, so even if you got LEXX from torrents, please buy a DVD!

May his merciful shadow fall upon you!
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