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LEXX 1.0 I worship his shadow - 14 years later, i still worship... what about you? - #lexxians — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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LEXX 1.0 I worship his shadow - 14 years later, i still worship... what about you? [Mar. 14th, 2011|03:39 pm]


[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Marty Simon - Battle Of The Universe ]

Every time i watch 1st LEXX movie i feel goosebumps on my skin, because it is SO EPIC, even better than Star Wars, Star Trek and any other space adventure Sci-fi show!

Watch 1st full episode [english].
Embedded video broken for some reason in LJ, just use this link for external player:

LEXX 1.0 - I worship His Shadow
LEXX 1.0 - I worship His Shadow

If you want more, go buy LEXX on DVD, buy 10 copies, or even 100 if you can! Some profit of DVD sales, could help current owner of IP to make decision to REVIVE LEXX, so even if you got LEXX from torrents, please buy a DVD!

May his merciful shadow fall upon you!

[User Picture]From: tommdroid
2011-03-14 01:36 pm (UTC)
Last night, when I should had gone to bed already, I found myself YouTubeing Yo way yo... It is indeed Epic, and I miss it muchly.
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[User Picture]From: iwhds
2011-03-14 09:50 pm (UTC)

Do you know that you may help LEXX to return?

There is a project #Lexx Revival, you can help to raise fund for LEXX 5 http://iwhds.blogspot.com/p/fundraising.html and can help attract attention of current LEXX copyright holder, to make decisions abou Season 5 and prequel about Insect Wars.
Spread the word, we can return all LEXX together!
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[User Picture]From: talonfire
2011-03-16 12:40 am (UTC)

Re: Do you know that you may help LEXX to return?

it's a noble idea, but I think most lexxians see it as a bit of a pipe dream. The series was rounded off as intended by it's creators in Season 4, and even then hardly made waves through the general public. In many ways it played to hardcore Lexx fans of the times which probably alienated it further.... (or at least, that's how I remember it!!)

Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Lexx is best left in the past now, awesome Gem as it is.
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[User Picture]From: iwhds
2011-03-17 02:23 am (UTC)

#LEXX should return, and it must return to its roots, it will return! [part 1]

History would not agree about that, many tv series was revived years after.
Few examples:

X-files was wrapped in 2001 year without proper ending because series jumped the shark, but in 2007 creators or series received $35 000 000 budget and created not very good X-files 2 the movie, which had not bad box office and brought $60 000 000 in 2008 and gave green light for X-files 3 the movie with much bigger budget.

To save myself from writing other know examples i will Quote wiki about canceled shows:
"Occasionally, a show may be brought back into production after being previously canceled. Sometimes, one network may decide to air a series previously canceled by another network. For example, Family Matters moved from ABC to CBS in its ninth season of production.

In other cases, overwhelming fan response may lead to a show's revival. The original series of Star Trek was given an additional season after a letter-writing campaign from fans. Another successful letter-writing campaign helped revive Cagney & Lacey.[4] In 2007, Jericho was given an additional seven-episode order after fans mailed thousands of tons of nuts to network executives (a reference to a pivotal line in the season finale).[5]

Strong DVD sales and viewership on cable have also helped revive a series. Firefly and Police Squad! were revived in the form of a theatrical films (an uncommon occurrence, since failed television series are usually not considered bankable movie material), Family Guy was returned to Fox,[6] and Futurama returned in the form of straight to video films and television episodes for Comedy Central.[7]

In some situations, a television series may be revived years after being canceled. Often this is in the form of a spin-off show featuring new characters (such as Star Trek: The Next Generation which premiered eighteen years after the original series went off the air). Doctor Who, which was canceled by the BBC in 1989, was brought back in 2005 as a continuation of the original run of shows. Both franchises also produced spin-off films in the periods they were canceled."

Also about lexx season 4:
Despite the words that series was wrapped as intended by it's creators, that is not true.
Why? Oh just look at season 4, and look at seasons 1-3.
Dont you see some giant difference in quality of everything?
I dont even know where to begin...
Ok 1st lets start from Companies involved:

1st 3 seasons was Canada-Germany co-production between Salter Street Films and TiMe film-und TV-produktion (in 1-3 season) plus Showtime in Season 1, SciFi channel and screen partners in season 2, Vif Filmproduktion & VIP Babelsberg Filmproduktion in season 3.
Also channel 5 was in association durong seasons 2-3.

Executive producers was Paul Donovan & Wolfram Tichy,
producers was Paul Donovan & Wolfram Tichy (only in season 1), Norman Denver (only in seasons 2-3), and co-producer was Bill Fleming (only in seasons 1-2).

Writers always was Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff and Jeffrey Hirschfield.

Series in 1-3 season had some humor, but was not comedy at all, it was a epic drama or even tragedy with some elements of dark comedy - but this was not prime element, it was secondary.
At least season 1, which was created 100% as intended - was absolutely serious epic tragedy 80-90% of show duration, only 10-20% of show time was humorous and sexual, and that humor was smart and sexual themes was just part of, and Zev was not whore.
If you will take season 2 - due of pressure from Sci-fi channel, degree of humor and sexual themes was increased against intends of Paul Donovan (he said that in interviews that since season 2 he was not in 100% control of show anymore), and proportions became like 60-70% of adrama and 30-40% of comedy with sexual themes, but still it was more drama than a comedy and lexx season 2 was still epic and about space adventures, sence of humor was to much about sex this time, not that smart as in season 1, but still good and acceptable, many fans admit that humor and sexual themes of season 2 ruined canons of season 1, many fans reject episodes beyond Terminal, because they dont like that romantic LOVE them between Zev & Kai was screwed and instead Xev became real whore, ready to fuck every man in universe, except Stan.
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[User Picture]From: iwhds
2011-03-17 02:24 am (UTC)

#LEXX should return, and it must return to its roots, it will return! [part 2]

Lexx season 3 did another shift, now back to roots, it was much more serious than season 2, again about 80%-90% of Drama and 10-20% of comedy almost like season 1.
Season 1 & 3 was full of serious religious and philosophical themes, while 2 season 2 was a little 2 much about unconnected filler episodes which was more satirical and about sins and mistakes of humanity, but this satiric themes was well written in original LEXX sci-fi setting.
Every of 3 season included serious, really dangerous and mysterious and absolutely epic villains with their good motivation - His Shadow\GigaShadow, Mantrid, Prince. Most of events was well-written and there was only a little number of minor plot holes and continuity issues. Quality of visual effects, battle and other scenes was pretty good.

Now take a look at season 4 - its totally different.
1st its Canada-United Kingdom co-production between Salter Street Films and Silver Light. (that should give you idea that lower number of companies, especially small-time companies like Silver Light means much lower budget)

Executive producer was only Paul Donovan alone and co-producer was David Marlow. (this also should give you idea that performance of just 2 producers not as good as performance of 4, because these 2 needs to do much more things, but can only do less and could miss more things in same time frame)

Writers not always was Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff and Jeffrey Hirschfield, many episodes was written by Jon Spira, Andrew Selzer and Tom De Ville - and those guys really fucked up LEXX universe rules and character and introduced crappy magic and other shit, but even our supreme beans screwed story of LEXX S4 so bad, so i cant even blame Jon, Andrew and Tom, because Beans kinda lost their motivation and inspiration, gave no care about continuinity and canon rules, also Jeff was in Toronto back then, and as he personally confessed - he "swam the river" and did not care about the script as he did during previous season, so he just wrote some funny but stupid crap and it was put on production line as-is. Same applies to Lex, he was sort of on-stage script editor and he also seems gave not such a good care about it as he did before, some srcipts, as i know was even written on stage.
Story was not planned from beginning till end, except some asteroid that needs 100 year to reach earth orbit, it consisted of big number of totally random bullshit. Beans surely was tired, very low budge not motivated them so well.
Perhaps low budget not even allowed them to make ambitious epic story, so they decided something like "ah, screw that serious shit, we dont have money to make serious shit, lets just make some fun with our characters - its cheaper anyway"

So season 4 turned into 90% comedy with 10% of drama (which is like 10 minutes in Vlad, alsmot entire Game & Trip episode and last 10 minutes of Yo-way-yo, and excellent performance of alive Kai Mcmanus - which did not save season from all that cheap bullshit of other 20 episodes).
The only episode with was set in real LEXX setting of previous seasons was Trip which was screwed a little by too fast revelation of eaten planet (damn it in season 1 it was very big problem to find any planed in Dark Zone, and here we go - 10 planets in Row in 5 minutes).
Game was good, but idea of Prince in TV screwed it a little and also Dream Zone shift was kinda dull - i mean that was so damn easy to get into Dream Zone, despite the fact that Dead do not have dreams, so concept of dream zone was introduced not as good as it could be.
Vlad was pretty stupid, despite connection to divine order she was so non canonical. If Kai could be killed so easy by sucking his blood - why hell terminal doctors was not able to destroy him even by energy source?
Time prophet was killed by Vlad? I doubt TP was even mortal - vlad was like 100 plot holes in a row - jsut read Trivia here http://lexx.wikia.com/wiki/Vlad to know why.
And what we had left? Yo-way-yo? Do you think its a proper ending of lexx? do you think its a proper ending of Kai's death and new live?
Do you think its and epic finale of lexx saga? No freaking way 100 times!
I can tell you many reason why Yo-way-yo just a dull quick & cheap attempt to wrap series, but i'll tell you most important:
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[User Picture]From: iwhds
2011-03-17 02:28 am (UTC)

#LEXX should return, and it must return to it roots, it will return! [part 3]

1) Since very 1st episode main goal of Zev & Stan was to find home.
This plot line was not closed, in proper ending they should find home or die. What we have is not proper ending because main plot goal not archived - Zev & Stan still dont have home.

2) Kai fallen as hero... but against what? Against CARROT-LIKE ANAL PROBES and their creators (pseudolyekkas) which dont even have arms and advanced intellect to make any technology? Thats not heroic death of Kai! I mean - Kai, the guy who saved 2 universes from serious HDS, GS, Mantrid and not even yet saved universe from Prince dies in some stupid asteroid to save universe from CARROT-LIK ANAL PROBES?
Thats total bullshit! That cheap self-parody like a South Park & Sealab 2021!
Thats spit in the soul of of every hardcore season 1 fans! Thats not even epic and not dramatical it was funny instead of making us cry for Kai!

3) Lexx, organical-mechanical hybrid decays totally in few second. Wtf was that? Thats not even possible! Lexx was so cyborg, so even his eyes was not connected to his brain by mechanical wires - everything mechanical shoulds remain like skeleton, also decay in few seconds looks so unbelievable, so fast so you dont even have a second of dramatic experience about death of LEXX and that feels like - whatever i dont give a crap about lexx (looks like Beans felt that way during season 4). Jesus, that finale of lexx, beans should make us cry, should touch our feeling, but they did not do it, like it was another filler-episode.

4) Despite the fact that main mysterious and serious villain of season 3 was turned into some background noise of minor pest, which, instead of ripping souls of people of entire universe, started to mess with stupid USA president, and gave aways his role of main villain to ANAL CARROTS which penetrating human asses... well despite this his plot line was also not closed, Prince was not stopped, was not destroyed and was left as cheap cliffhanger with phrase "everything goes just as planned" - and that totally unacceptable for final episode! This kind looks like "to be continued" but not like "the end".

5) Little lexx - oh that concept was abandoned during season 2 production, but returned in season 4 to put another cliffhanger in "the end".
Just think rationally LEXX is bio-mechanically-engineered hybrid and ship for Divine order.
1st its totally stupid to make reproduction system for that ship.
2nd even we try to pretend it was not stupid - newborn lexx should not have mechanical parts, and this mean that newborn lexx should not have weapon, should not have yes, should not have bridge, should not have even cryochambers, and judging by mechanical wires of lexx brain - little lexx should not even have brain, and it should not have drive.
If lexx could reproduce anything - it could only reproduce brainless, blind, deaf peace of meat, that could not eat, could not think and even could not fly and sustain life inside of it.
And Zev + Stan should die in it in few weeks or one month.

Thats more than enough for LEXX fans and any rational fans of sci-fi to consider LEXX season 4 total fail that was not wrapped as intended. That more than enough to consider that lexx finale was screwed, and that more than enough to be not satisfied and to demand proper finale instead of this crap, that not deserve the right to be called LEXX.

And thats not only mine opinion. I am owner of lexx community with few thousands members in my own community and in several others communities during my researches i started surveys and collected opinions about season and episodes.

And most of them looks like that:
Best season: season 1
Worst season: season 4
Best villain: HDS\Gigashadow season 1
Worst villain: Anal Carrots\Lyekka season 4
Season with lowest number of plot holes: season 1
Season with biggest number of plot holes: season 4
Season with most intelligent humor: season 1
Season with most stupid humor: season 4
Season with best design: season 1
Season with worst design: season 4
Season with best VFX: season 1
Season with worst VFX: season 4
Season with best script: season 1
Season with worst script: season 4
Season with best direction: season 1
Season with worst direction: season 4
Season with best acting: season 1
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[User Picture]From: iwhds
2011-03-17 02:29 am (UTC)

#LEXX should return, and it must return to its roots, it will return! [part 4]

Season with worst acting: season 4
What themes people love the most in LEXX: Divine order, brunnen g, time cycle and time prophet, insect wars
What themes people hate the most in LEXX: Anal carrots, sex driven motivation of character
Most favorite episodes of all the time: IWHDS | Brigadoom | Supernova | End of Universe | Heaven and Hell
Least favorite episodes of all the time: A Midsummer's Nightmare | Lyekka vs. Japan | Stan Down | 769 | Entire season 4
Best OST: Season 1
Worst OST: Guest which one. Tip: Texx Lexx, Prime Ridge...

So most of fans consider season 1 gem, season 2 not such a good as season 1, but fans could forgive it for Brigadoom and End of Universe, Season 3 considered mostly as return to roots and very philosophical story, but some dont like it for reason that its more fantasy than sci-fi, season 4 absolutely hated by more than 50% of fanst (aka by most), only those who dont give a crap about stupidity, plot holes and other mistakes, mediocre writing, acting and direction, and those who never took lexx serious like it, like some cheap but funny comedy and thanks to divine predecessors they are minority.

So as you you see, 5 years of my lexx researches prove 1 thing for sure - season 1 was 100% epic win, season 4 was 100% epic fail and LEXX did not end as intended it did not end as it deserve to be ended. Lexx isnt cheap comedy, its an epic sci-fi adnventure, and there must be new season, which will erase everything bad that season 4 did and will satisfy most old fans and even new fans by lexxerific epic ending.

Season 4 was poorly written and performed, previous season had bad promotion, that why LEXX had bad times, but trust me - intriguing well-developed script (which i already have [you can read part of it in verbal form in my private lexx community at vk.com but you will need invite to register account there, if you interested ask me for invite in private, i will give you one]), good promotion (plan of which i have too), endless motivation and passion, some support by community, some time and luck will return lexx to previous glory and and even bring some profit to creators.
Money and rights is only real problem, the rest is not a problem at all.
So c'mon guys, dont give up! Lexx just only begins!
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[User Picture]From: iwhds
2011-03-17 06:36 am (UTC)

Also self-descriptive comparison between #lexx season 1 and 4

And Kai's hairs in season 4 sucks, looks like someone fat was sitting oh his hairs.
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[User Picture]From: tommdroid
2011-03-16 10:42 am (UTC)

Re: Do you know that you may help LEXX to return?

Been there done that got the t-shirt to prove it....for season IV. As much as I woship His Divine Shadow that concluded LEXX for me.
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[User Picture]From: iwhds
2011-03-17 02:31 am (UTC)

Re: Do you know that you may help LEXX to return?

read 4 comments to talonfire above please.
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From: (Anonymous)
2011-10-18 03:52 am (UTC)

Paul Donovan screening in Chicago

LEXX creator Paul Donovan will be speaking and doing a special screening at Doc Film at the University of Chicago on Tuesday Nov. 15 at 9:00pm. http://docfilms.uchicago.edu/dev/
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[User Picture]From: iwhds
2011-10-19 06:39 am (UTC)

Re: Paul Donovan screening in Chicago

Thanks for sharing!
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From: egaook14
2013-02-16 10:05 pm (UTC)
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